Blacksmith sauna stoves

Individual blacksmith sauna furnaces are both economical and stylish.

In addition to the smithery articles we also make various blacksmith sauna furnaces. We are glad that thanks for our long standing experience in the field of smithery we are pleased to offer our customers sauna stoves both delicate and eccentric. We use high quality material in our articles - steel and a variety of decorative elements.

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Our sauna stoves have one specific attribute - they are made with fire roller panels with the least thickness of 8 mm and additional supporting edges that guarantee stove durability. We recommend our customers to choose the furnace according to the available water heating method:
heat exchange method that not only generates warm water for the shower but also helps to warm up the environment;
the water heating tank fitted to the boiler side;
the water heating tank fitted on the furnace chimney.

Sauna furnaces made by UAB “Gamkalvė” are practical and very economical. Durable sauna furnaces will last for years and furnace doors adapted to your sauna interior will serve as sauna decoration. We offer decorative or glass doors according to your preferences.

We make blacksmith sauna furnaces taking into consideration your indoors installation and customer preferences. Thus, please contact us and acquire unique blacksmith furnaces for your sauna!

Good steam in sauna will confirm the effectiveness and reliable quality of the furnace made by UAB “Gamkalvė”. The customers do not spare good words after trying out our sauna furnaces.

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